Anna Recommends: Gifts for Active People

Editor’s Note: Anna Visscher owns Tart, a super cool boutique and gallery in Bozeman. Anna has a knack for finding some of the coolest, quirkiest handmade art and gifts in this region. Here are some of Anna’s favorite finds for Gifts for Active People that are very Montana. – Lynn

Red Ants Pants– Workwear for womenPants 3

Location: White Sulpher Springs, Mt
Where To Buy: Red Ants Pants
These rugged work pants are made just for women with different fits for different body types (many men wear and love them as well). I’ve worn mine while gardening, remodeling, fire wood hauling, camping and more – they hold up great, fit perfectly and are made in the US by Red Ants Pants, a small but mighty company based in White Sulphur Springs, MT.



Active Image 1
Little Green Things– Reclaimed Wood + Yarn Embroidery + Handcrafted Love

Location: Formerly of Bozeman, but now east coast
Where To Buy: Tart
This pretty much says it all – in fact it could be an unofficial motto for Montanans. This little 8” x 10” print, created by formerly Bozeman based artist Little Green Things, is a good reminder in our busy lives. I love the bright colors and the simple graphic design, and that it covers a wide variety of outdoor activities.



Garden Tools CollageFisher Blacksmithing– Hand Forged Garden Tools

Location: Bozeman, Mt
Where To Buy: Fisher Blackmithing
These super tough and handsome garden tools are handmade using traditional blacksmithing methods in Bozeman, MT by Fisher Blacksmithing. I love my hand tools and like to imagine that I’ll still be gardening with them when I’m 80.


Seeds CollageNative Ideals – High Quality Native Wildflower Seed

Location: Arlee, Mt
Where To Buy: Native Ideals
Montana native plant seeds grown in Arlee, MT, with gorgeously illustrated seed packets drawn by Missoula artist Courtney Blazon. They’re perfect little stocking stuffers for gardeners, or tucked in with a set of garden tools.


Backpack Collage3Buck Products– Providing Alternative Everyday Carry Solution

Location: Bozeman, Mt
Where To Buy: Buck Products
These are backpacks re-imagined and stripped down to the very basics, without any loss of function. They come in an array of fun colors and are sturdily crafted in Bozeman, MT by Buck Products. I use their large tote to haul everything – I love that it stands up on its own for easy loading and unloading.


ARD-HF57P W1Ardosia Stonecraft– Sculptural, Yet Functional Objects

Location: Hamilton, Mt
Where To Buy: Tart
These clever picture frames are crafted in Hamilton, MT using rocks harvested around Montana. With simple steel plates and super strong magnets, it’s easy to swap pictures of the latest adventure. I love giving these to fly fishers, boaters and rock climbers.





Emmigrant PeakJames Weikert – Bold interpretations of familiar landscapes

Location: Bozeman, Mt
Where To Buy: Tart
These are not your average landscape paintings. Bozeman artist James Weikert paints his favorite places around Montana – snowy peaks in the back country, wide rivers, and autumn forests. Skiers, hikers, boaters and other nature lovers are all drawn to his bright, graphic style. His affordably priced reproductions can be framed (or displayed on one of the rock picture frames above.)





dog collageWest Paw Design– American manufacturer of eco-friendly toys, beds and apparel for dogs and cats

Location: Bozeman, Mt
Where To Buy: West Paw Design
Here’s gift for our most active friends of all – dogs! Made in Bozeman, MT, West Paw Design pet toys are bomber tough and darn cute. Their chew toys are so tough that they offer a warranty on them! I used to work for West Paw Design and I have never experienced a smarter, more environmentally aware business. When you buy from them you know you’re getting a quality product with a minimal environmental impact. And pets LOVE their toys.

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