Anna Recommends: Gifts for Drinkers

Editor’s Note: Anna Visscher owns Tart, a super cool boutique and gallery in Bozeman. Anna has a knack for finding some of the coolest, quirkiest handmade stuff in this region. Luckily for us Anna also loves to drink! Here are some of Anna’s favorite finds for Gifts for Folks that Drink. – Lynn

I love drinking. There, I said it. Tea, coffee, whiskey, wine – I love beverages of all sorts. And I love giving them as well – it’s something that provides multiple experiences, and warm feelings, and is sure to be used and enjoyed. Pair a beverage with a handmade cup and you’ve got a gift that will really last and be used with love.

Drink Collage 1cMontana Tea & Spice Trading – Famous for unique and memorable herbal tea blends

Location: Missoula, Mt
Where To Buy: Liquid Planet or your local tea shop
As a Montana kid, I grew up drinking Evening in Missoula tea before bed. The flavor is wonderful and a little hard to describe – sweet, floral, lemony, vanilla-y… It’s a blend of chamomile, lavender, lemon grass, vanilla, peppermint and more, and has been blended in Missoula, MT since the early seventies. I love introducing people to this delicious tea, and like to give it along with a handmade ceramic mug and some delicious Montana honey.

Glacier County Honey – Best raw honey you never tasted

Location: Babb, Mt
Where To Buy: Glacier County Honey
What’s not to love about honey? The sugar on top (so to speak) for this brand is the lovely packaging with a vintage/contemporary feel. (They also make gorgeous beeswax candles.) Glacier County Honey is a 2nd generation family-run business in Babb, MT.

VE Pottery – Contemporary pottery made in Montana

Location: Helena, Mt
Where To Buy: Tart
Bright, functional and fun – these mugs made in Helena, MT by VE Pottery will make anyone smile in the morning, even before they fill them with coffee. The funky handles look odd but are incredibly comfortable in the hand. And these mugs hold a lot of beverage, something I’m always looking for in a teacup.

Drink Collage 2HeadFrame Spirits – Award winning local distillery

Location: Butte, America
Where To Buy: HeadFrame Spirits
Distilled in Butte, MT, Head Frame Spirits are helping to turn around a struggling community. The owners of Head Frame are dedicated to honoring Butte’s mining history, and each delicious liquor is named for a famous mine. I love a shot of their creamy, sweet Orphan Girl liqueur in a cup of coffee, or their Never Sweat Whiskey neat in a little whiskey cup.

Larry Phan – Ceramics crafted by hand intended for daily function

Location: Bozeman, Mt
Where To Buy: Tart
I swear whiskey tastes better when sipped from a handmade, wood fired ceramic whiskey cup. These cups are each a little bit different with a ruddy, textured surface and they nestle snugly in the hand. Handmade in Bozeman, MT by Larry Phan.

Drink Collage 3Little Red Wagon Coffee – Handcrafted seasonal coffee

Location: Bozeman, Mt
Where To Buy: Little Red Wagon Coffee
Roasted in Bozeman, Little Red Wagon Coffee makes ingenious little travel pour over filters so you can have delicious gourmet coffee wherever you are. This is the perfect gift for foodie campers, or people who travel a lot for work. Pair it with a handmade mug for maximum effect.

Free Ceramics – Whimsical pottery made by a family of ceramic artists

Location: Helena, MT
Where To Buy: Tart
These bright little cups each feature unique hand painted designs, all different and all charmingly reminiscent of Christmas lights and mid-century modern patterns. Hand crafted in Helena, MT by Free Ceramics, by a small family run business.

Drink Collage 4Montgomery Distillery – Traditional distillery combined with art, science, and mystery

Location: Missoula, Mt
Where To Buy: Montgomery Distillery
I’m a vodka girl and I absolutely love Quicksilver Vodka. I like to drink it on the rocks – it’s that smooth. With caramel/vanilla notes and a touch of sweetness, it’s also delicious in a mixed drink. Distilled in Missoula, MT by Montgomery Distillery, the bottle is also terribly elegant and perfect for your posh friends.

Audrey Rosulek – Combining abstract art and functional design

Location: Missoula, Mt
Where To Buy: Tart
Like little abstract paintings that you can hold in your hand, these gorgeous cups elevate any beverage. They are some of my most prized possessions and I drink out of one almost every night. Pair them with Quicksilver Vodka and you’ve got a classy gift. Handmade in Missoula, MT by Audrey Rosulek, each of these lovely little cups is entirely different, with hand drawn details.

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