Girl Ran Away With The Spoon

Her “Spoon Tribe”, that’s what Erin Thormodsgard, calls her fiercely loyal throng of supporters. It’s not hard to see what they are all so excited about. As I walk in the door of Girl Ran Away With the Spoon, nestled in historic downtown Miles City, a smile comes to my face every time. With an incredible assortment of MT artisan goods awaiting my perusal, the silver glint catches my eye and I am filled with nostalgia.

Photography by Lynn Donaldson

Photography by Lynn Donaldson

My grandmothers’ homes were filled with treasures. Over time, I had accumulated mismatched or small sets of silver-plate silverware that had used for everything from nice Sunday dinner to picnic ware. I love the patterns and each piece brings back floods of memories of the ladies who shaped me in my youth. My grandmothers taught me to care and appreciate items so they could last and not be quickly disposed of. One step into Erin’s store and I finally knew what to do with those odds and ends.

Girl Ran Collage 2

Erin took my plastic bag of silver-plate forks and spoons and turned them into sentimental pieces. She made bracelets and earrings for me, but I love sharing these treasures with family. A pair of desert forks were personalized for a cousin’s wedding cake. Unmatched forks were transformed into keychains – each stamped with a grandmother’s favorite Bible verse and given to siblings and cousins. When in doubt what to get a friend for a birthday or special occasion, I know where to find that perfect piece of wearable art. Recently I found the perfect spoon handle keychains stamped Faith, Hope, Love to remind a friend of her support network during a difficult time.

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Girl Ran Away with the Spoon actually began as a hobby. I met Erin in 2007 when utilizing her graphic design skills. In her free time, Erin enjoyed upcycling odds and ends to see what she could create from them. Erin started selling her treasures online and at art/home shows. With the fierce loyalty of her “Spoon Tribe” growing, more help was hired resulting in the full brick-n-mortar retail shop/studio. While Girl Ran Away With the Spoon treasures are still found at shows, online, and other shops, my favorite place for special handcrafted jewelry, silver, and MT artisan goods is downtown Miles City!

Erin will tell you herself, “ I take cast-offs and turn them into something functional, beautiful, wearable, -relevant.” Turning cast-offs into keepsakes – yes, very relevant!

To visit Erin’s Etsy store click here.
To find a location near you that carries Erin’s treasures click here.

Girl Ran Away With the Spoon
112 North 7th Street
Miles City, Montana 59301
Open: Monday – Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm

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