How To: Gourmet Picnic Like A Local

Spring and early summer in Montana can be a hell-of-a rollercoaster ride. One minute it’s 78F, the next it’s snowing, then it’s back to 80F, then it’s raining and flooding—all within three days. It’s no wonder Montanans are so adaptable. Which brings me to how resilient we are to getting outdoors every chance we can when the sun comes out.

Photography by Kyra Ames

Photography by Kyra Ames

One of my favorite spring and early summer outdoor outings is a picnic on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Stop, make that one of my favorite activities anytime of year. As I’m screaming out of town to embrace Mother Nature before she changes her mind, I religiously stop at The Gourmet Cellar, a fabulous Livingston wine and cheese shop, to outfit my gourmet picnic on the ‘fly’. The Gourmet Cellar has a wonderful assortment of artisan cheeses from around the world to suit any discerning patron. I’m a huge Bleu d’Auvergne, Triple Cream Brie, and Leyden cheese fan, which are a fraction of the cheese selection Debbie Endres—wine and food virtuoso and founder, carries. Debbie also has a varied selection of specialty foods, cured meats and crackers to choose from.

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The Gourmet Cellar may seem small from the outside, but somehow they find space for a wonderful selection of beautiful wines from around the world, at a variety of price points. After I quit working full-time to raise my daughter and son, our household budget for wine took a huge hit, to say the least. Of the many reasons I love the Gourmet Cellar is their unassuming approach to gourmet luxury…they beautifully and seamlessly cater to local high-end clientele alongside the budget conscious, while never missing a beat.

The Gourmet Cellar
212 W Park Street
Livingston, Montana 59047
Open 10:30am – 6:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday and 10:30am – 6:30pm on Thursday & Friday

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