Pop Up Nuevo Mexican

I just love shooting (and eating!) the Pop Up dinners my friend Claudia Krevat of Claudia’s Mesa offers. The one featured in this post, Nuevo Mexican, is a favorite from a couple years back. It was held at architect EJ Engler’s home, a (former) historic grocery store in Gallatin Gateway.  Guests were handed a “Montañita” (Claudia’s twist on a Margarita) as they walked through the front doors, where they mingled until appetizers of Vallarta Ceviche with Gordita Toast were passed around. Then they sat at long tables and enjoyed Jicama Slaw with Mango Vinaigrette and Butternut Squash Tortilla Soup with Baby Portobello Mushrooms before a main course of Carnitas in Adobo & Vaquero Rub with Hominy were served. After polishing off a dessert of Kahlua Flan Brûlée, many guests crossed the street to do a little two-stepping at Stacey’s Old Faithful Bar before calling it a night.

Claudia shares her recipe for her completely original Montañita here and her completely delicious Carnitas here.



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