WSJ Features Two Montana Companies

Photo by Janie Osborne

I am very proud of my husband, Dan Vermillion, who is featured in the Life & Style section of today’s Wall Street Journal. I always read the “What’s In My Bag” profiles about expert travelers and what they pack and should have figured that one day my globetrotting/Tom Sawyer/fly-fisherman of a husband—who co-owns Sweetwater Travel with his brothers—would appear in this section. (Dan and Sweetwater were also featured in the WSJ on October 8, 2004 in an article about their efforts to work with the Mongolian government and local monks to preserve taimen.)

In today’s article, reporter Hilary Potkewitz asked Dan all sorts of questions via Skype after having him pack his large Simms duffel for Mongolia. Dan is a walking Simms ad when he travels—everything from his fly rod tube , waders, boots, rain jacket and carry-on backpack to his guide vests and button down shirts (which are quick dry, don’t wrinkle, offer UPF30 sun protection & are super good looking with their “classic western style”) bear the Bozeman company’s logo.

Kudos to you, Dan’l, for representing two Montana Companies in the Wall Street Journal so well!

Note: If you are not a WSJ subscriber, the above link will take you to a hard paywall. WSJ allows Google’s First Click Free application. Which means if you enter “what it takes to go fly fishing with the president” into your Google search bar. The first result will be a link that accesses the full article.

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